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Yes, you’ve come to the right place. The home of the Nation’s Official Happiest Primary School in our gargantuan quest to reach CHRISTMAS NUMBER ONE. Hello and welcome to you all! People: We need your help. We need you to spread the word and share our video like never-before. We really want to prove to our children that great things can happen, if you work hard, dare to dream and have a plan. Who would have ever dreamed that Leicester City could win the Premiere League? Fairy Tales do happen and we want you to join us on our journey.


Christmas is a difficult time for lots of people for so many reasons but especially the elderly and lonely. We want to share the word that it isn’t about presents but about giving the gift of time which money can’t buy. We have special links to our local care home, many of whom have no family and suffer with Alzheimer’s and Dementia but seeing the smiles on their faces when our children visit and vice versa is priceless. This inspired our mission to spread a little love and happiness this Christmas and to encourage you all to make memories.

  • Do you dare to dream? Believe in the impossible? Believe in fairy-tales?
  • Help show our children that anything is possible!
  • Every single penny raised from our single will go to the Alzheimer’s Society.
  • Thank you so much for supporting our children, campaign and charity.

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